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ज्ञानादेव तु कैवल्यम् - Knowledge Alone Liberates 


I/c Registrar Mr. Jayant D. Tambve
Office Superintendent Mr. Jayant D. Tambve
Accountant-Aided Section Mrs. Vishakha N. Ningavale
Accountant-Unaided & Part Time Section  Mrs. Yogia A. Shinde
Cashier-Aided Section Mr. Mangesh D. Deshmukh
Cashier-Part Time &  Exam Section Mrs. Dipti D. Parab
Establishment – Sr. Clerk Mr. Atul G. Pawar
Establishment – Sr. Clerk Mrs. Manisha V. Hande
Establishment – Sr. Clerk Mr. Pandurangv V. Patil
Student Section- Sr. Clerk Mrs. Rajeshri S. Mungekar 
Student Section- Jr. Clerk Miss. Seema N. Pimple
Despatch – Clerk Mr. Sunil G Kadam
Storekeeper-Aided Section Mr. Bhanuprasad P. Thakur
Storekeeper-Unaided & Part Time Section  Mr. Jitendra N. Sukinkar

Stenographer(H.G.) to Principal Mr. L. T. Korgaonkar

Librarian Mrs. C. N. Pai
Assistant Librarian Mrs. V. U. Bhide
Assistant Librarian Mr. Lalit R. Bhoye

Examination Section
I/C C.O.E. Mr. S. N. Jawarkar
O.S.D. Mr. P. R. Patil
Programmer Mrs. U. S. Kolte
Jr. Clerk Ms. S. S. Sheth
Class IV Staff

C.F. Tambe



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