How To Reach Us

Access by Train:

Somaiya Campus is located very near to Vidyavihar railway station which comes on the Central Railway track, between Kurla and Ghatkopar. If you are planning to come from the Western Railway side like Churchgate, Bombay Central, you can change from the Western Railway to the Central Railway at Dadar station, and catch a slow local train from platform no. 1 or 2. Please do not catch the train whose final destination is Kurla. Those trains terminate at Kurla and you will not be able to come to Vidyavihar. From western suburbs like Borivali, Andheri, you can also come by Metro upto Ghatkopar and then get into slow train heading towards CST from platform no.2, get down at next station which is Vidyavihar.


If you are coming from the suburban side of Mumbai from the Central Railway, then please note that the trains are usually crowded in the mornings during weekdays for arrival. Please board the slow trains whose destinations are Dadar or CST.


If you are comming from Navi Mumbai side i.e. from Panvel, CBD, Vashi etc. by harbour trains, then get down at Tilak Nagar railway station which is between Chembur and Kurla. From this station our campus is at a distance of about 1.0 KM with minimum fare of autorikshaw.


Please get down from the eastern side of the platform.


The average time period between two consecutive trains in the central side is approximately 7 minutes. However if the trains are late, then the next train to arrive may take a long time. It takes a minimum of fifteen minutes by walking from the Vidyavihar railway station to the college. Auto-rickshaws (3 seater vehicles) are available for hire outside the Vidyavihar station, and they take you to the outside of the Somaiya Vidyanagar campus.


Access by BEST

You can come to KJSCE by using the BEST buses. The following buses come to Vidyavihar on the eastern side.

  • 385 - (Mumbai Central bus depot to Ghatkopar Bus Depot)
  • 353 - (Wadala Depot to Tagore Nagar)
  • 399 - (Marathon Chowk(Thane) to Anushakti Nagar(Chembur))
    The campus entrance is just behind the BEST bus stop. The name of the stop is Somaiya.



The following buses come to Vidyavihar from the western side and the final bus stop, where you also have to alight, is at the Vidyavihar station (West)


  • 322 - (starts from Vile Parle)
  • 323 - (starts from Vihar Lake)
  • 433 - (starts from Santacruz-E)
  • 308 - (starts from Majas Depot)
  • 336 - (starts from Santacruz-W Bus Depot)
  • 609 - (starts from Kohinoor Hospital)
    You can come to KJSCE from there by crossing the overhead pedestrian bridge that goes above the railway tracks and come to the eastern side. From there take the same path as described in 'Access by train' section.



Access by Road

While coming from the Eastern Express highway, take a turn at the Amar-Mahal Signal towards Ghatkopar. (When coming from Thane do not take the bridge after Vashi cross road instead turn right underneath the bridge at the Amar-Mahal signal. If coming from Dadar side, after crossing Kurla signal take the next bridge and keep left. Do not take the bridge that starts atop this bridge on the right. Instead climb down and take left at the signal towards Ghatkopar.)

Then take a left just after the second signal which will get you to the Somaiya Campus.